Art By Trade provides opportunities for volunteers to earn hours from home!

Our non-profit has a 501(c)(3) tax status, and volunteers may request a Certificate of Completion for their completed hours at any time. Volunteers will receive their certificate within 48 hours of their request via email.

Sample Certificate of Completion

Use the form below to inquire about any of our current volunteer opportunities (outlined below), and we’ll reply with further details to get you started.

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Art By Trade is currently offering a virtual opportunity for volunteers everywhere. We need help with social media marketing for independent artists we work with. You may work whenever is convenient for you – there’s no set schedule or quota to meet. We expect this gig to be fun, easy, and possibly even beneficial to those who are interested in the underground hip-hop and social media world.

Duties include:

Creating an account on Instagram/Twitter
Posting relevant content
Hash-tagging accordingly (will be provided)
Minimal interaction on sites


Hours vary; please inquire for further details.



Art By Trade is always looking for well-written, thought provoking blog articles that fit into ArtByTrade’s culture. Blog articles are not expected to be lengthy (3 paragraphs will suffice) but can be if the writer chooses. This is mainly because our team must approve of your article submission before it can be published. If we do not feel that your article meets our blogs needs at the time, your submission will be denied and therefore you will not receive hours for your article. Only bloggers with articles that are published on our site receive certification of volunteer hours for their work. So feel free to keep it short, simple, yet effective.

Blog Article Topics

There are no real guidelines for our bloggers’ choice of subject matter, but again our team will probably not accept your article submission if the subject matter does not compliment ArtByTrade’s culture. So we’ve listed for you a few general topics as an idea of the type of subject matter we’d probably favor:

Hip-Hop News
Do It Yourself / How To (must be intriguing)
Unique Products / Services


Our volunteer bloggers are compensated as follow:
1 hour = 1 blog article