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Survival Stories is a nonprofit program for police brutality survivors. It’s designed to help make change by bringing exposure to police brutality victims who’ve survived it in America. And your donation helps makes this possible.

Why we care

Survival Stories was developed by and in honor of artist and film producer Brittany Chrishawn.

Brittany Chrishawn is a producer that has won awards for our production company, and many of these awards are from her most recent production Illville – a film that explores the psychology behind police brutality and the effect it has on society.

Ironically, on May 13, 2020 (two weeks before the George Floyd protests), Brittany Chrishawn (Williams) was brutalized by police officers at her home in Jacksonville, FL. An officer trespassed on her property, and when she asked him to leave he began to yell at her. She was afraid and called 911 for help. But when help arrived, multiple male officers attacked her instead. Brittany was then arrested and thrown into jail for exercising her rights as a homeowner. She suffered in jail with no one to attend to her broken teeth and exposed and damaged nerves from the officers’ assault.

There is a surplus of police brutality survivor stories that have gone untold or overlooked because the victim is not dead. But these victims live with the effects of their brutal experiences for the rest of their lives, and their stories deserve to be told and can help make the change we’ve all been hoping for.

About the program and how it helps

We, the founders of ArtByTrade, believe that exposure is the key to making a real change. This new age of technology has shed light on issues that have been ongoing for centuries but never exposed. And many people are now waking up and actually taking action which results in change.

So, through this program we want to help magnify the exposure of injustices and police brutality happening in America with a focus on those who’ve survived and live to tell the tale. And we believe in doing this by sharing these survival stories through entertainment media like movies and documentaries, because this method has been proven to help educate and capture the attention of the masses.

Productions will serve as a memorial for survivors that participate in this program. All donations to the program will go towards creating an awareness. And proceeds will be put back into further funding the program.

Submit a police brutality story

If you’d like to submit a police brutality survivor’s project for this program, please submit your movie/documentary by emailing a link to

Or donate

If you believe in this movement the way we do but don’t have a film to submit, please donate. Donations help us further expose these stories and reach the masses through credible platforms. Art By Trade is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.