AxT Vendor Program

Sell online through ArtByTrade’s shop.


Increase Product Awareness & Gain Exposure

We provide a marketing platform for original and unique artwork. Products in our shop vary, but they compliment our exclusively diverse culture, and our shop’s diversity captures a variety of consumers everywhere. We also utilize the popularity of our artists to bring a substantial amount of traffic to our shop.

Program Details

Art By Trade allows anyone with original, unique, or “out of the norm” creations to submit a sample of materials electronically for review. If approved, vendors will sign a contract with Art By Trade to have their items added to our catalog. AxT vendors keep 100% of all rights and ownership, but Art By Trade receives a 20% donation from profits made through our platforms to be put back into the program. All orders will be forwarded to vendors to be handled by and between the buyer and the vendor. Art By Trade’s service solely involves the use of our platforms for exposure and marketing purposes. Any type of art can be distributed through our shop, but it must align with Art By Trade’s culture.

 To have your brand considered for ArtByTrade’s Online Shop, please submit using this form.

You may submit as many times as you want, and there’s a $2 fee for each submission.

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