Black Woman Filmmaker Who Produced Film About Police Brutality Gets Attacked By Police

Brittany Chrishawn, the producer of the award-winning police brutality film “Illville,” gets attacked and left with broken teeth after police trespass on her property. | October 15, 2020

Videos raise racial concerns about Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office interactions with public

An officer is seen on video chasing a black suspect shouting he’s going to shoot him and another video shows a black woman trying to get an officer off her property.

Florida Times-Union | May 30, 2020

Award-Winning Filmmakers Ausar Moore And Brittany Chrishawn Celebrate New T.V. Pilot ‘Illville’

ArtByTrade, the media and entertainment company responsible for the production of Illville, has received 3 festival awards for the film so far.

The Californer | October 8, 2019