Enjoy unlimited streaming and download exclusive music.

The ArtByTrade Music Playlist includes music that can be downloaded for free directly from the player, and music that can be purchased as a package deal via our music shop. 

HOVER OVER EACH BUTTON WITH YOUR MOUSE TO SEE WHAT THEY STAND FOR. – The download button” will immediately download the track selected to your computer, and the buy button” will immediately redirect you to the purchase page for the selected track. This player also includes a lyrics button” for each track. Upon selection of this button, the corresponding lyrics for the selected track will open in a new tab. It’s recommended that you first pause the player prior to selecting the “lyrics button” because the song will begin to play from the beginning in the lyrics page.

Also, feel free to use the “search” tool at the bottom of the player to search for any specific song or artist.

Look for the free download button  on each song, or use the “ALL CATEGORIES” dropdown menu to view music that is “FREE” vs “NOT FREE”