Brittany Chrishawn (feat. Moor iLL)

Ya Girl was inspired and co-written by Moor iLL.

Initially, Moor iLL was one of the only people who actually took Brittany Chrishawn’s rapping skills seriously. Everyone else looked at her as strictly a singer. As a result, Moor iLL became the first artist to collaborate with Brittany Chrishawn on Hip Hop projects. Prior to working with Moor iLL, Brittany’s song catalog consisted of mostly R&B music and a few selections that would probably fit under the “Pop” genre. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Moor iLL had a major influence on the development of Brittany Chrishawn’s hip hop career and the growth of her sound as an artist new to the Hip Hop genre.

Thus, it makes sense that Ya Girl was a collaborative effort amongst the two artists. Around July of 2014, they wrote Ya Girl and began to plan for the production of its video. Unfortunately, this music video took much longer to produce than anticipated as unforeseen obstacles blocked the path of its success. So, in June 2015 (about a year later) Brittany decided for the first time ever to hire a filmmaker who could just “knock it out real quick” for her. But, she absolutely hated the video and put it off for another year. Finally, Brittany Chrishawn took it upon herself to revise this video as best she could using some of the footage she’d gotten from the filmmaker she hired in Jacksonville, FL. To finish up, she re-filmed some scenes in Houston, TX and completed the final edit of the music video herself.


EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Brittany Chrishawn, Moor iLL



CAMERA: Film Rat, Moor iLL, Brittany Chrishawn

EDITOR: Brittany Chrishawn, Film Rat

MUSIC: Amac Pro (beat producer), Brittany Chrishawn (vocalist, mix/master engineer), Moor iLL (vocalist, audio recording engineer)