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“MR4B 5HQM” – WQQR !JJ x 8R!774ZY KHR!5H4MZ

“Wrap Sh0w”

 Moor iLL x Brittany Chrishawn

“Wrap Show” is a track on ArtByTrade’s playlist where visitors can stream and download exclusive music.

 This song serves as the theme song for ArtByTrade’s online web-series entitled “It’s A Wrap Show!”. The series is composed of many sketches to create a fast-paced show. Therefore, this series is designed to fit seamlessly within new age media.

Although Moor iLL is the solo artist on this song, he does not appear in the video. Throughout the video, Brittany Chrishawn makes an appearance as the featured artist. So, the visuals for this track was recorded in Brittany’s family’s 2-story mansion in the hills of Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Brittany Chrishawn does an excellent job as the featured model in this music video. She elegantly lip syncs the lyrics of Moor iLL in brightly colored rooms creating a very cool, Caribbean tone.

Coincidentally, both Brittany Chrishawn and Moor iLL have Jamaican fathers. But Moor iLL has never met his biological dad. So, he’d intended to meet his father for the first time while in Jamaica for the video shoot. But the attempt was unsuccessful.




Ausar Moore and Brittany Chrishawn

Brittany Chrishawn

Ausar Moore

Brittany Chrishawn (audio recording engineer, mix/master engineer) 
Ausar Moore (author, vocalist)
iLL Phenom (beat producer)