[MUSIC VIDEO] What Did You Do To Me

[MUSIC VIDEO] What Did You Do To Me

Brittany Chrishawn

What Did You Do To Me is Brittany Chrishawn’s very first music video that was originally published on November 30, 2012. Her cousin Tamika Lee (a.k.a. Tami Lee) was attending the Art Institute of Jacksonville, FL at the time and received an assignment to film and edit a video project. So Brittany convinced her to produce this music video.

The song was written as a collective effort between Brittany and 2 of her high-school friends. Aundra Brown (who cameos in this video) produced the music and came up with the concept of the song. He’s also responsible for the lyrics to the hook and second verse, and vocal arrangements. Brittany Chrishawn contributed by writing the first verse, and their friend Devin Tracy took on the bridge.


DIRECTOR: Tamika N. Lee

EDITOR: Tamika N. Lee

CAMERA: Tamika N. Lee

MUSIC: Aundra Marcel Brown (beat producer, author), Brittany Chrishawn (author, vocalist), Devin Tracy (author)