[MUSIC VIDEO] So in Love

[MUSIC VIDEO] So in Love

Brittany Chrishawn (feat. Moor iLL)

So in Love is a symbol of evolution in music entertainment. Brittany Chrishawn and Moor iLL teamed up to create this stunning, visual masterpiece. It paints a beautiful picture of love and gives a feeling of hope. It’s hip, classy, and commercial all rolled into one. The images oppose what is depicted in entertainment media today.

The media projects many derogatory images that only misinform the population. People take this information and use it to shape their perception of the world. This false perception is void of reality and it hinders personal growth. So in Love provides an alternative for those seeking a balance in music entertainment.

The song was recorded and filmed in 2016. Ill phenom gave this beat to Moor iLL and Brittany Chrishawn during their collaboration effort. The group was aiming for a jazzy sound that gave listeners a classical feel. Ill phenom moved back to Louisiana after the song was recorded and missed the video shoot. So Brittany and Moor iLL decided to base the video on the white-room scene in the 1999 film “The Matrix”.

So in Love – Brittany Chrishawn x Moor iLL (DOWNLOAD)



DIRECTOR: Brittany Chrishawn 

CAMERA: Ausar Moore, Brittany Chrishawn 

EDITOR: Brittany Chrishawn  

MUSIC: Ill Phenom (beat producer), Brittany Chrishawn (author, vocalist, audio recording engineer), Ausar Moore (author, vocalist,mix/master engineer)