“Shut Up” – Brittany Chrishawn x Moor iLL – [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

“Shut Up” – Brittany Chrishawn x Moor iLL – [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

“Shut Up” featuring

Brittany Chrishawn Moor iLL

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Back in 2015, Brittany Chrishawn went through a lot of tough times with her family. Her mother and father both got locked up, and it put Brittany under emotional and economic strain. So, “Shut Up” is an introspective narrative of Brittany Chrishawn’s experience at that time. In this song, she chides and challenges herself to overcome emotions and defeat life’s obstacles.

Originally, Moor iLL wrote a hook intending to finish the song, but writer’s block got the best of him.

About 2 years later, Moor iLL and Brittany Chrishawn were searching for a new beat together. While going through Moor iLL’s email, they stumbled across this instrumental. Immediately Brittany was inspired and began to vent her story through song. Moor iLL was moved by her creative expressions and added a piece of his own story in the second verse.

The music video to “Shut Up” was filmed in Houston, TX and displays beautiful, local artwork like The James Turrell Skyspace and other public art on the campus of Rice University.

Shut Up – Brittany Chrishawn x Moor iLL (DOWNLOAD)



Ausar Moore

Brittany Chrishawn

Ausar Moore, Brittany Chrishawn

Ill Phenom (beat producer), Brittany Chrishawn (author, vocalist, mix/master engineer), Ausar Moore (author, vocalist, audio recording engineer)