Brittany Chrishawn

Lip Bust was created by Brittany Chrishawn in 2014. It was shot in her and Ausar Moore’s tiny studio apartment in downtown L.A. and serves as one of their first music videos produced together as ArtByTrade. It was originally released on August 9, 2014.

Lip Bust has a funny story behind it that will follow this video forever for the couple. Brittany and Ausar are very artistic individuals and have a soft spot for creativity. So, they viewed this music video and the lyrics to the song as simply another addition to their creative portfolios until they decided to share this video with Brittany’s family members. Rumors began to spread about Ausar being an abusive boyfriend towards Brittany, and her family started to think that Brittany was an actual victim of domestic violence which was not the case AT ALL! Now, looking back on it, the couple can see how those assumptions could have come about, and they always get a great laugh out of it along with a hint of embarrassment.



DIRECTOR: Brittany Chrishawn

EDITOR: Brittany Chrishawn

MUSIC: Jah Blunted (beat), Brittany Chrishawn (author, vocalist)