[MUSIC VIDEO] For the Money

[MUSIC VIDEO] For the Money


Back in Houston, TX, about 4 months before Moor iLL first met Brittany Chrishawn in NYC, he wrote and recorded the hook to “For the Money”. A friend of his helped him finish the track by adding a first verse while Moor iLL laid down the┬ásecond verse. The hook was a definite hit, but Moor iLL wasn’t really too fond of the verses on the track and he wanted to replace some parts of the hook with a female vocalist. So, he put the song on hold.

Months later, Moor iLL and Brittany Chrishawn met in NYC where the two artists discovered each others’ vocal abilities. They began to heavily collaborate on music together, but it wasn’t until they moved to Texas together (about 3 years later) that Brittany came across “For the Money”. Moor iLL had forgotten all about the track until Brittany pulled it up on his computer and played it aloud out of curiosity. She immediately fell in love with the hook and expressed to Moor iLL how she’d love to do a remix to the song. But Moor iLL had given up on the track, and was uninterested in “moving backwards” with his creativity.

Later in 2017, Brittany came across the song again and took the initiative to make something of it. She convinced Moor iLL to re-write his verse as she wrote hers. Moor iLL regained his interest and they finally finished the song that day.

This video was shot shortly after the recording of the track; and though it appears that Brittany’s vocals are actually on the hook like Moor iLL had originally wanted, they aren’t. Moor iLL is the only vocalist on the hook.

The music video to “For the Money” features an aquatic experience.



Ausar Moore

Brittany Chrishawn

Brittany Chrishawn, Ausar Moore

Brittany Chrishawn (author, vocalist, mix/master engineer), Ausar Moore (author, vocalist, audio recording engineer)