“53U3Z Q’ KJQKC” – 8R!774ZY KHR!5H4MZ

“53U3Z Q’ KJQKC” – 8R!774ZY KHR!5H4MZ

“7 O’ Clock” featuring

Brittany Chrishawn

“7 O’ Clock” is a track on ArtByTrade’s playlist where visitors can stream and download exclusive music.

In February 2016, Brittany Chrishawn was in Houston, TX where she wrote and recorded the song “7 O’ Clock”. Shortly after, she began planning for the music video but had to do some last minute traveling. Consequently, this video includes scenes that were shot both overseas and here in the U.S.

So first, in March 2016 Brittany was requested to fly to New Mexico for a role she’d gotten on the television series “The Night Shift”. While there, her friend Brandon K. Hampton from AMC’s Better Call Saul helped her capture 2 of the scenes in this video – the bedroom scene and the rocky mountain scene. Moor iLL was there to direct and help capture most of the footage while Brandon provided the locations and transit.

And lastly, in April 2016 Brittany Chrishawn and Moor iLL traveled to Barcelona, Spain where they captured the last 3 scenes of this video. The weather there was quite chilly, and at the time Brittany was a bit under the weather so the majority of filming took place inside of an executive suite at the Barcelona Airport Hotel. There, the artists were able to complete the video and film the bubble bath scene, the window scene, and the restaurant scene.

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Ausar Moore

Ausar Moore, Brandon K. Hampton

Brittany Chrishawn

Mj Nichols (beat producer), Brittany Chrishawn (vocalist, audio engineer)