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Moor iLL is a rapper, an actor, a director, and a producer.
At about fifteen years old, Ausar Moore (Moor iLL) picked up a pen and began writing rhymes. Ausar studied artists like Wu-Tang, Nas, and Canibus since they were the artists he was listening to at the time. He loved jazzy melodies with dynamic lyrics that painted vivid pictures. So, he began taking a notebook to school every day just to write rhymes. When he got home he made sure he wrote rhymes before he went to bed every night. It never crossed his mind to pursue a career in the music industry. It was just a hobby.
After high school, Ausar did a little work on the television series Friday Night Lights and worked alongside Michael B. Jordan. He also started recording his own rhymes on a mac that his friend let him borrow.  Ausar recorded his first unreleased mixtape called “Let There Be Sound”. He enjoyed the recording process so much that he decided to take music seriously and make a career out of it. Ausar took on the rap name of Lookie and joined the hip-hop collective Creative Fresh 3ra. The group had local success, but Ausar felt like he was pulling the majority of the weight. So, he separated himself and moved from Rosenberg, TX to New York City.
In Spanish Harlem, Ausar vowed to create his own empire. And the rest is history.