LYRICS – Up to Here

LYRICS – Up to Here

Up to Here

By: Brittany Chrishawn x Moor iLL

Lyrics Up to Here



I’m up to here!

Gold chain dang-a-lang

Like my rang?

If I hit you in the face I wonder if you’ll like that bling

Bang-bang, that might stain, you might feel a little pain

Get up and clean yourself off, I’m parting ways

I’m up to here!

I’m fed up with everything you’re full of

So don’t come near me ‘less you wanna be rid of

Too bad it has to be this way it’s getting real love

But what is real love

According to us, a mean-mug

I know you ain’t looking at me cause

You’re gonna find out who I be love

I be thugged out

Ready and willing to knock a sucker out

Nobody ever knows how to settle down

Not really sure what all the bitching is about

But let me nip it in the bud bring your mouth here’s a taste, just a sample you can take it pass it ‘round

And make sure everybody knows what I’m about

I’m out.

I’m up to here!



Making plots

Calling shot

Packing glots for the cops

Do your job, make your guap

Swear to always be on top

Though the mountain never stop

Adversaries watching like – can’t wait to see me drop

But I’m not a bad habit

Like my gold crown of 24 carats

And my gold dresser with 25 lighters

(yeah, yeah)

From Barcelona, Spain to L.A.

Glad the money came after we got betrayed

Never give a coin if a nigga two-faced

Beware of the Joker, niggas that always play

Cause at the end of the day

Is they real, or is they fake

Is it will or is it fate

Can’t say I will participate

I just keep my mind on that empire state

And spread my empire through the entire state

I’m up to here!