LYRICS – Life Goes On

LYRICS – Life Goes On

Life Goes On

By: Brittany Chrishawn x Moor iLL

Lyrics Life Goes On



I won’t die til I do what I came for

Take off the blindfold, let your mind go

Wipe the sweat let me hand you a towel

The war ain’t over don’t rely on one battle

They’re profiling got us branded like cattle, nice comfy saddle, best way to travel

Piggy-backing all the way to the top

Cultural shock – white lies they taught

Black magic is my habit godda have it

Anything I want say the word and I got it

Dirty white suit with the cone-head to match it

Out of this world be like, we Men-In-Blacking

Clean up the mess be like, nothing happened

Life goes on, so they take it for granted

Open your eyes cause you’re getting short handed

You would’ve thought they planned it



(Life) Life goes on…

(on….) Life goes on

(Life) Life goes – on

(on…) Life goes on



Talk to ‘em. Talk to ‘em. Talk to ‘em. Talk to ‘em.

Kiss ‘em in they mouth when they show a dog love

Good German Shepherd, sit.

I’ma go spray ‘em with the pepper

Seems every year I shed a tear for my brother

I’m 23, still alive, am I lucky?

Or do I got a greater purpose and they can’t stop me

With my game-face on no this ain’t a selfie

Better call for help like Lord please help me

Don’t let ‘em get me

Calling us killers but we’re the ones dying

Not for long, kill me now if I’m lying

King of the Jungle; King of the struggle

The ammunition wrapped around my belt make you buckle

Since you want war, I don’t think you want war

I don’t think you really understand what is in store

When we unite, society is born

Or have you forgotten, has it been that long?

Well let’s take a trip down memory lane

Who created everything, no need to explain

Then the kids of the world turned their backs on they parents

Then they wonder why the whole world out of balance but

I’ma tip the scale right back to our advantage shine the light on these vampires watch ‘em all vanish

These leeches, unusual creatures

Drain all your blood leave your whole body speechless, Jesus.



Even if they’re gone godda be strong, cause life goes on

Even if you’re crying on your phone – life goes on

Staying up 3 o’ clock in the morn – life goes on

We mourn til the break of dawn – life goes on



(Life) Life goes on…

(on….) Life goes on

(Life) Life goes – on

(on…) Life goes on

(Life) Life goes on…

(on….) Life goes on

(Life) Life goes – on

(on…) Life goes on