LYRICS – I Wanna

I Wanna

By: Moor iLLBrittany Chrishawn

Lyrics I Wanna



I wanna get up – wanna go – wanna laugh – wanna love – wanna touch – wanna hold you (hold you)

I wanna chance – wanna smile – wanna dance, I want you to hold my hand (my hand)

What do you say, let’s get away, far away babay cause I’m wanting your name

So let’s get up – let’s go

Hurry up cause you’re moving too slow

Give it to you once you will never let me go

I’ll make you love me from my head to my toes

I like it fast I just thought I’d let you know

When we get home let it be known for sure

Let it be on for sure

All night long for sure

Then I will get up, and I will go

And you will call me on the phone til’ I come back

To you (ooh, ooh)



Don’t nobody wanna hear your problems ok

Er’ body in the world got em ok

Niggas like me always solve ‘em ok

Multiply the money don’t divide it ok

Pull out the red carpet I arrive at the bank

Look at my estate it is large as your state

Look at my AK I will launch this ok

Without second thought at your conscious ok

Only if I’m left with no options ok

Come on with me step into my office ok

Where the boss is, ok

With cigars lit, ok

Don’t come at me wrong or I’m docking your pay

Uh, matter fact, don’t clock in today

Didn’t get a Benz moving sloppy ok

Drop the top so nobody top me ok

Kinda cocky ok

Don’t jock me ok

From a different creed like Rocky ok

But I’m Mayweather you Pacquiao, ok

It’s a hard knock life that’s why I ask if you ok