LYRICS – AQUAhydrate Flow

LYRICS – AQUAhydrate Flow

AQUAhydrate Flow

By: Moor iLL x Brittany Chrishawn 

Lyrics AQUAhydrate Flow



Let’s get loquacious real quick on this jazzy track

How bout that



Every one of my enemies they became Casper

Thought I had fear but it was never a factor

Now I’m getting green with my bae like the Packers

Brand new whip, but I’m cool with the jackers

Just tryna get a deal for a meal

Or, tryna get a meal before a deal bruh

I’m thinking wholesale and retail

Did a little street sell, but I didn’t prevail

Glad I didn’t see jail

Skip the detail

Yeah, shout out to my niggas in the slammer

Put they self to sleep, hang they self with pajama

Life come quicker than the flash of the camera

Life come quicker than strippers getting they bands up

Life come quicker than bussing your first load

Undressing hoes since 12 years old

Fuck a X-Box I’m letting my gun load

Pull the left and right trigger for lotto

Visit West Indian Archipelago

Got a low-key spot that’s west of Chicago


Get to the money fore time go

No sauce, but my scarf is Louis Vuitton though


Got suede Timbs for my chick

‘xcuse my language, you look good than a bitch



I never freestyle cause my style ain’t free

Look into my eyes you’ll see where you wanna be

Never blink your eyes if you’re looking at me

A prima donna but Medusa ina me

Attention hut 1,2,3

Get it together I’ll tell you how it’s gon be

Due to the weather I will be home

Chillin’ on my queen-size memory foam

Never no mind for my cash flow

Green means go and my money is green so

Pedal to the metal in a hurry don’t speed though

We ain’t got no time to be dealing with the po-po

But definitely don’t go slow

Oh no, hey yo, let’s go

What’s on your dome

You’re looking like you really wanna come home with me

You’re looking like you really wanna get alone with me

But, what if you can’t get along with me

What if I don’t wanna take you home

Not to be stank, I just be on my own

I lay low so my high last long

People kill my vibe and a murder’s dead wrong

I never lie so I thought I’d let you know

You’re kinda fly, but I’ve godda let you go