Jimmy Lynch

Tommy Villafranca as “Jimmy Lynch”





Actor Tommy Villafranca stars in Illville as Jimmy Lynch.

Jimmy Lynch is married, selfish, average, and a jerk. he’s been a police officer for
the past 25 years and is the son of a disciplined army father whom he always seemed to disappoint.

Lynch spent his childhood as an army brat rebelling against his father. He went through his 20’s
jumping from job to job – quitting or getting fired not long after being hired. He was lost.
Ironically, when his father passed away he realized that the only thing he knew how to do was what his father tried to instill in him all those years.

Repulsed by the thought of following in his father’s footsteps and enlisting in the armed forces, he decided to do the next best thing and join law enforcement. However, he quickly discovers that being a police officer in the city of Illville
is worse than being a soldier on the front lines. With the difficulty of being a police officer in Illville, he often finds himself at his father’s gravesite seeking the guidance that he never heeded as a young man.

Even though Jimmy Lynch is a seasoned police officer, he still makes rookie mistakes. He doesn’t love his job; in fact, he hates it. To him, it’s just an underpaid, stressful job that gives him enough perks to do what he really loves – chasing women.

With this mindset, he often just goes through the motions glossing over police procedure which often results in mistakes. But it doesn’t matter to him. “Do what you wanna do as long as you get the job done.” – that’s his motto. And this motto causes him to make the mistake of unjustly killing an unarmed teenager. Now his life is in danger and he has to figure out how to protect himself against Slim King who is coming for his head.