ILLVILLE – Pilot Episode – Official Trailer

ILLVILLE – Pilot Episode – Official Trailer

In a gritty city called Illville, a family retaliates against the police officer that murdered their teenaged nephew.


Our plan is to create an awareness for this project that interests major streaming services. Those who support can earn a special production credit. If you’re interested in receiving an ILLVILLE producer credit, contact

Support the mission. Enjoy the teaser. And let’s make history together.

Why we want to tell this story?

This story is about a teen who is killed by a police officer. Incidences like these are occurring at an alarming rate, and this project faces the issue head on.

The audience gets a chance to see two very unique perspectives and how these perspectives lead to complicated circumstances.

We are telling this story to shed more light on this epidemic. And we will use proceeds made from this film to go back into the communities of these victims.

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