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In a gritty city called Illville, a group of organized thugs take action against the police officer who unjustly murdered their nephew.

Writer/Director – Ausar Moore

Line Producer – Brittany Chrishawn

Director of Photography – Mickel Garrett

Production Designer – Danietra Hall

1st A.D. – Brandon K. Hampton

Why we want to tell this story?

The story is about an African-American teen who is unjustly murdered by a police officer. Incidences like these are occurring at an alarming rate, and this project faces the issue head on. Though, many of these occurrences could be mistaken as acts of racism, a lot of them are driven by classism, government issues, economics, and a lack of understanding by both parties.

The screenplay poses questions like: What if the communities of these victims took effective action against the police force? And if so, would these murders happen less often? Why isn’t there a higher standard that needs to be met before becoming a police officer? These questions, amongst others, are answered in the plot of the story when different people from different backgrounds meet head to head.

The audience gets a chance to see two very unique perspectives and how these perspectives are simply misunderstood which leads to complicated circumstances. On one side you have an officer who has been doing his job for so long that it has become routine, and he takes it not as serious as he once did. On the other hand, you have an African-American male who has emotional pain that gets the best of him. These two very different worlds collide and create an undesirable reality for both parties.

The unfortunate events that unfold all stem from the social issues that our country has yet to solve. We are telling this story to shed more light upon this epidemic and spark a national dialogue that will inspire practical solutions to this awful trend.


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