Film Package for ILLVILLE

Illville is a dramatic satire about a cop unintentionally starting a war with the city’s notorious gang after shooting and killing a young black teen. It was originally created as a TV pilot in 2019 when the story ironically paralleled with the writer and producer’s real life.

This unexpected, life-changing event put a hold on the progression of this project; but now it’s being used as a sample to produce the heavily requested, new full-length movie, ILLVILLE.


Low Budget, Big Accolades

Illville, the sample, received worldwide accolades for the 45 minute, low-budget sample that was produced with less than $5,000. The filmmakers are highly skilled at producing a lot with a little which makes way for guaranteed, larger profits.

Strong, Passionate Audience

In 2020, as Illville was still gaining traction in the festival world and on its way to Cannes, France for the International Pan-African Film Festival, police brutality met the filmmakers’ at the doorstep of their Florida property.

The case went viral across the internet with over 2 million combined views and news articles that are still surfacing in November 2021. The body camera video, revealing the unbelievable tragedy, reached over 300,000 views worldwide in the first week alone.

This is significant, because Illville is a film that highlights police brutality; and the filmmakers coincidentally became victims in a police brutality case that shook the internet. Followers of the case are suspicious of the coincidence, because the police randomly parked in the filmmakers’ driveway after Illville was produced and already gaining traction. Now, there are pending civil suits for a numerous amount of wrongful violations against Illville’s makers.