Free Music Video Production

Free Music Video!

ArtByTrade is shooting free music videos for various artists across the country! Yes. FREE!

What’s the catch?

Well, you can only upload one song per submission, it’s $5 to submit ($1 for paid subscribers), and we only select artists whose submission absolutely grabs us. You don’t have to be popular, “buzzing”, or wealthy to be considered, just dope.

Who are “we” to be judging who’s “dope” or not?

Who cares? It’s a FREE music video (or a $5 music video if you want to get technical), haha; but we’re just seeking raw, undiscovered talent to add to our developing culture. If you’re really curious who we are, have a look around our site to find out more about us. Also, check out our music videos

Read through the “Details in a Nutshell” below. And please note that selected artists are entitled to free features (see details below) so feel free to submit a track with open spaces for featured vocalists if you wish to take advantage of this option. Also, make sure to upload a track that you want the music video produced for. We’re searching for great music of all kind that simply, stands out; so submit your best work! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Submit to Be Considered

Use the form below to submit one of your songs. Make sure the song submission is a song you want a free music video for. Submissions are $5.00 and do not guarantee a music video. If approved, you will be contacted via email with further details. If you don’t hear back from us, please don’t be discouraged – you can always submit another track. Our team reviews EVERY submission.

Please be patient upon submitting this form; it may take a few minutes to upload your file. After your file has finished uploading, you will be redirected to PayPal for the $5 submission fee. Your submission will not be considered without confirmation of payment.

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Details in a Nutshell

You can be anywhere in the U.S.; we will come to you.

There are no deadlines, and you may submit for consideration as many times as you want.

There’s no set amount of artists we select on a regular basis – if we think you’re dope, you’ll be chosen.

ArtByTrade retains exclusive publishing rights for the videos we produce.

All videos will be published exclusively on ArtByTrade’s website and YouTube channel.

Artists who are selected are entitled to (but not obliged) a free feature with Brittany Chrishawn and/or Moor iLL on the song for which they want the video produced.

Whether featured on the song or not, Brittany Chrishawn and Moor iLL will make a cameo appearance in the video produced.

ArtByTrade’s logo will serve as our stamp of approval in the video.

Other benefits may come from the overall experience (aside from having your video featured on our blog).

Here’s a portfolio of our work for your reference.