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Brittany Chrishawn (a.k.a. Brittany Chriss) is a female rapper, singer, actress, print model and creative producer among other things. She is definitely a jack of all trades and does not consider herself to be “just another hip-hop artist”. Her useful skills include (but are not limited to): filming, directing, editing, audio engineering, mixing and mastering.
Brittany Chrishawn’s musical bio begins at the age of five when she found her love for writing music. Music became her escape from the mundane world. She would hold concerts in her living room and make her little sister sing background. Brittany’s drive inspired her mother to let her sing in their church choir. By the time Brittany was a teenager she was regularly singing at her church and also her school, Victory Christian Academy. She noticed a difference in the two singing styles. At her school, the choir was very soft and mellow with little to no beat. At her church, the choir was groovy, loud, and full of drums. Brittany sang in choirs but suffered from stage fright for quite some time. She admired the girls who effortlessly moved the crowd with their solo performances. It was intimidating, but she too wanted to be a solo performer. And, as she transitioned from private school to public school her desire to sing solo began to solidify.
In high school, Brittany had the opportunity to work with the legendary Deborah McDuffie at Paxon SAS. Ms. McDuffie was a vocal coach for Luther Vandross, Janet Jackson, and Michael Jackson, and she saw something in Brittany and asked her to be a part of her after-school choir – JMAC. Brittany traveled all across the east coast with JMAC. The group had concerts at the Ritz Theater,  Amelia Island, and performed alongside George Huff at the Apollo Theater. Brittany finally got the opportunity to sing solo and the experience helped her realize that becoming a professional singer was a very obtainable goal.
College was the first time Brittany performed in night clubs. It was also when she began recording music. But, her musical growth slowed down because she wanted to get school out of the way and make her parents proud. And, she made them very proud. She graduated from UCF with a BSBA in Finance and The Burnett Honors College with a BSBA in Business Management. Since graduation, Brittany has been on the path to claim her place in the entertainment world. From Florida to New York to L.A. she’s worked alongside some of the best talents in the industry, and she intends to continue doing so for the remainder of her career.


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