Janine Gateland as “Becky”





Actress Janine Gateland stars in Illville as Becky.

Becky is officer Jimmy Lynch‘s mistress. She knows how to use her womanly powers to her advantage, and she utilizes her sexuality and persuasiveness to gain the upper hand.

Becky’s a spicy one. She’s not the type to just take whatever’s thrown at her; she’s more likely to catch it, and throw it back.

Becky has obviously learned somewhere in her past that staying in a position of power is vital. Because she always seems to be a step ahead when it comes to her and Jimmy’s relationship. She’s playing him, and she loves it. She feels powerful, and to her that’s a good thing.

Becky knows Jimmy loves his wife, but she also knows that they’re nothing alike which enables Jimmy to somewhat escape his current reality when he’s with her. And to keep it that way she uses charm, flirtatiousness, and of course, sex.

Janine is bold. Her commitment to her craft is one of her greatest strengths, especially considering the fact that her role involved a high level of intimacy that many performers would be uncomfortable, shy, or hesitant with. Her fearlessness brings Becky to life, and because of it her scene is uniquely artistic – nudity and all.

Though Becky only appears in one scene, the choices Janine makes as an actress evokes emotion within the audience and creates a unique tone within the story.

In the words of writer/director Ausar Moore himself, “Janine said every line exactly how I heard it in my head when I was writing Illville.”