Art By Trade

Art By Trade is a nonprofit organization with a 501(c)(3) tax status.


Art By Trade was founded by a group of independent artists who grew tired of the lack of support, resources, and financial assistance needed in order to successfully develop their careers. The group decided to create a network where exclusive artists can collaborate with extraordinary talents – and Art By Trade was formed.

In March 2015, Art By Trade obtained its 501(c)(3) tax status. Since then, the company has organized projects with known artists across the nation. Art By Trade is currently accepting donations to help continue its expansion.


Our mission is to set a new standard in the art world while helping aspiring artists succeed.


We use art to enlighten the world. Our programs help launch and build fruitful careers. Art By Trade serves as the official stamp of approval for quality art.

How We Impact the World


Statistics – Next Big Sound

There are more artists online than anyone else in the world.

Over 90.7% of all artists are undiscovered, and 80%  receive less than one new Facebook like per day.

 Mega-sized and mainstream artists have 87.3% of Facebook page likes while they only make up 1.1% of all artists online.

Also, mega-sized and mainstream artists have 88.4% of artist Twitter followers.

And, developing artists receive only 9.7% of all artist views on YouTube and Vevo.


Art By Trade provides a revolutionary way to balance out these statistics because we believe that there are many artists out there with astounding talent who deserve to be discovered. So, we’ve designed programs to help us discover and promote these aspiring artists who we believe are better than or just as good as mainstream artists. We give independent artists hope, and inspire them to create dynamic art which enriches communities across the globe.